Making business writing a breeze.

Let your voice do the work. Effortless content creation for:

Blog Posts and Newsletters
Instagram Posts
Facebook Ads
Twitter Threads
and so much more
Increase your productivity

Revamp your text creation process - for more efficiency and less stress.

Save precious time

Ditch the tedious writing and free up your time for the big stuff that really matters.

No writing necessary

Craft top-tier text with cutting-edge AI generation, all by just using your voice.

1. Record content

Talk about your business, your services, your news.

2. Pick a creation

Blog articles, Facebook- and Instagram Posts, Newsletters or Twitter Threads

3. Receive the text

Your text is generated within minutes.

Free for Starters

The must-have features for beginners? Absolutely free!

Who is GoVoice for?

GoVoice is perfect for small businesses, solo entrepreneurs, and small collectives with limited manpower. The Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text capabilities, powered by AI, make content generation a breeze.

Recycle Your Content

One of the key benefits of GoVoice is the ability to recycle content. For example, you can take a brief summary of points discussed in a meeting and use GoVoice to generate a blog post. This helps you leverage your existing content, boosting your company's SEO and ensuring no valuable information goes to waste.

Consistency Over Perfection

Many people strive for perfection, which often leads to procrastination. With GoVoice, you can record your thoughts or text and use it as a foundation for various content types like social media posts, LinkedIn updates, blog posts, or newsletters. You can always edit the generated content later, but the important thing is to stay consistent and create content regularly.

The Advantages of GoVoice

Speed and Ease

Speaking is faster than typing, and with GoVoice, you can verbalize your ideas more efficiently. There's no need to prepare a script; you can speak freely and let the AI work its magic to create useful content from your words.

Focus on Your Core Business

GoVoice allows solo entrepreneurs and small business owners to focus on their core competencies. If you're not an expert in SEO or content marketing, GoVoice can take care of that for you, ensuring you stay in the game.

Get Started for Free

You can start using GoVoice for free, with no obligation to purchase anything. There's also a waiting list for those interested in trying out this revolutionary content creation tool. Don't forget to share your thoughts and opinions on how GoVoice works for you!